1. The queen is dead; long live the queen

    Sometimes people ask what is happening with our bees. We had a strange and interesting check this week, so here’s an update. 

    Hive one has always been busier, with lots of traffic and near-constant bearding this summer. They’re laying the best brood pattern we may have ever had, dense and populous with few gaps. There are just a ton of bees, and they built out to the end of the brood chamber, so we added a super and are feeling good about that unit.

    The second hive has been slow-going, with sparse traffic. We wondered at times if they were completely gone, but after popping the top discovered they were still there. This week, there was barely any capped brood. The hive components had suffered from a late-spring carpenter ant infestation, and I’m sure that didn’t help matters. But most notably, we discovered queen cells: a ruptured empty cell, and one with a dead larval queen. Based on the placement of these cells, our guess is the queen died, and they made a new one. I think I saw her but am not sure. Reading tells me she’ll take up to a month to lay again. We’ll look again in a week.

    It continues to boggle my mind how the bees and their frames talk to you. We are getting better at reading, and it is astonishing how year after year, they continue to say new things.

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  3. Phoenix falling

    Having written and deleted this too many times, I will simply say it is clear I am shocked and sorry by the passing of the Boston Phoenix, and then some other thoughts I will fail to articulate about journalism, as both my collegiate training, childhood dream, and the industry at large. Personally speaking, I have enjoyed the opportunity to continue to keep my toe in it through the years with the PHX; it’s been a long time since I’ve identified as a traditional, full-time journalist, but it helped keep those cells at my core alive.

  4. colchrishadfield:

Cleveland, OH, on the Erie south shore. Home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!


    Cleveland, OH, on the Erie south shore. Home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!

  5. Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut currently on board the International Space Station. He regularly updates with tweets and space sounds via his Soundcloud, like this recording from the craft’s dining table. He’s a musician, too, recording up there a little (tagged “space folk,” because, you know). In between shots of the planet as he passes through 16 sunrises a day, he writes, “Eating my fresh green apple, a rare and tasty treat in space. I wonder who picked it, where, and if they know?” and replied to someone asking about his greatest fear, “The world is stunningly beautiful from space, relentlessly rolling colour & texture. Grtst fear is family illness, me unable 2 help.” I can’t get enough. More, via Twitter, here

  6. Bee school

    Seeing a post for an upcoming beekeeping class, my first reaction was, “how expensive!” and even a thought that maybe I’m too far gone to take an intro class (a haughty thought). Why take a class when you can just wait year in and year out trying this or that thing, tying bottles of banana peels to trees, holding your breath through winter, casually wondering in January, “Maybe we should buy some pollen patties…” and spending your money instead on replacement supplies and sometimes nucs? I do like the idea of these cutely-named “Overwintering" socials, though.

  7. Great news: sexism in local music is over!

    I read a blog post yesterday that said that gender equity in local music has been achieved, and in fact, we could use more favoritism on the part of men these days. This is great news that really caught me by surprise, and condolences to male performers who find themselves on the frustrating margins. I’ve been there! But really, congratulations to everyone who helped get us this far! Now that things are all evened up, how do you think something like this next article’s challenge would play in Boston, but for show lineups?

    Via The Atlantic: A Simple Suggestion to Help Phase Out All Male Panels at Tech Conferences. Men: You can help fix this. Refuse to participate unless there are women onstage with you.

  8. loveandsoundwaves:

    Thick Shakes - I Said So

    I don’t remember how I happened upon this gritty garage rock group, but that’s probably for the better. It’s a psychedelic garage rock tune that’s so jammin’. I’d love to catch these guys live.